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What others have said about their visit...

Strawflower 6.jpeg

My experience at Linda and David's flower farm was truly exceptional. It's such a high vibrational place and David and Linda were so welcoming. The flowers - absolutely stunning. Such a large variety and so beautiful. We really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for opening up your magical space!

- Mary

This exceeded my expectations. It was so relaxing walking through their flowers and creating our own bouquet. There was no rush or pressure. Linda & her family were so warm & kind. The value of this experience is also great. If you are in the area I highly recommend this.

- Mallory

My family had so much fun with Linda and David. The flower assortment is gorgeous, and we even had a surprise opportunity to pick fresh produce which was fun. We are looking forward to planning another experience at this farm.

- Ellen

We had a lovely time walking the rows of flowers and berry bushes at Linda's farm. We were given everything we needed to make amazing bouquets and really enjoyed ourselves. We can't wait to come back next season to make our next bouquets!

- Jeff

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